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  • Xavier Beaulande

Konnyaku starch is the secret behind our Echizen cushions covers.

Konnyaku is powdered Devil's Tongue root, a natural plant starch that, when mixed with water and applied by brush to paper, gives extra strength, waterproofing and memory to those papers. This starch magically turns paper into cloth.

Konnyakubiki is a paper treatment that is quite often used now for the strength it gives to a dry sheet of paper,

Konnyaku coats the paper’s pores, the sheet becomes not only wind and water-resistant, but the paper’s natural heat-retention qualities are enhanced; and yet the paper still breathes.

The konnyaku treatment imparts strength, in particular, wet strength, so that when paper is immersed in a dyeing bath for instance, the sheet stays strong and completely intact.

Use this magic powder to make your cushions waterproof and tear resistant.

With time and use your paper will take a worn leather feel and look.

Your cushions and name card holders will change from stiff to soft and warm.

Contact us anytime for more details.

Discover the rest of the collection on our website or come and see us in our Parisian store: 8 rue de l'Echaude 75006 Paris.

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