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NATSUKUMI MATERIAL papers are produced by masters of the traditional Japanese printing techniques.Their have an extensive knowledge of the printing process.


The Echizen washi paper they make is known as the highest quality paper made in Japan.
It is manufactured in the Reihoku and in the Fukui prefectures.
Echizen paper was Japan's first paper currency and has a 1500 years long history.
Usually the papers will be decorated with swirls and because of the mixed fibers substrate the result is an unique decorative item with a textured aspect and an extensive color palette.The paper is rooted in the past but has a modern twist.


The collection reflects the trends and atmosphere of the current times.
The designs vary from traditionnal Japanese patterns to contemporary ones.



Item Number: FS103

Paper Size:W97 cm × H200 cm

Print Size:W95 cm × H195 cm



SKU : 2000000025810
60,00 €Prix
  • All sales are final.

    NATSUMIKUMI MATERIAL does not accept returns.


faulty products will be replaced, NATSUMIKUMI MATERIAL is not liable from products damaged during transportation.


    Provide us with a photographic proof within 14 working days after delivery.


Natsumikumi Materials products are handcrafted.

    Slight variations in color, size, texture and finish will occur.

    These are defects and as such NATSUMIKUMI MATERIAL will not replace nor refund products based on these grounds .

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