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DECOLFA Washi Tape Japon Series is a range of traditional Japanese patterns popular within NATSUMIKUMI MATERIAL range. 
The tapes are made from washi and are peel stick. 
Thanks to our special adhesive they will stick to walls and furnitures as well. 
The paste will not damage or leave any stains on the surface so feel free to use them on any place you like. 
Have fun creating a traditional Japanese ambiance with decolfa Japon.

Adhesive: Acrylicbase 
Material: Washi
Size: 200mm × 5m / 1roll

・Cleanly peels off thanks to our adhesive.
・Match the pattern like a wallpaper.


30,00 €Prix
  • The snowy bamboo motif has been used since the Heian period and combines two meanings.


    Snow represent children as illustrated in the story Taketori.

    It is a symbol of good fortune and prosper harvest of the five cereals.


    The bamboo symbol represents integrity, strength and power. 

    Even in the harshest Winters, covered in snow it will not break, stay green and keep its vitality.

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