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DECOLFA Washi Tape Japon Series is a range of traditional Japanese patterns popular within NATSUMIKUMI MATERIAL range. 
The tapes are made from washi and are peel stick. 
Thanks to our special adhesive they will stick to walls and furnitures as well. 
The paste will not damage or leave any stains on the surface so feel free to use them on any place you like. 
Have fun creating a traditional Japanese ambiance with decolfa Japon.

Adhesive: Acrylicbase 
Material: Washi
Size: 200mm × 5m / 1roll

・Cleanly peels off thanks to our adhesive.
・Match the pattern like a wallpaper.









30,00 €Prix
  • Hasakura represents the transition between Spring and Summer.

    The cherry blossom are are ending and green tender leaves are sprouting. 

    Spring is not entirely gone yet and Summer is not there.

    We are left longing for the pink of the cherry blossom and looking forward to Summer and its beautiful shades of green.


    During the Hasakura we experiment mixed feelings of both love for the beauty of the leaves and loneliness for the flowers we have lost.

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